Adsterra Case Study


Let’s start with the fact that this offer is restricted to Android. So we need to protect ourselves from unnecessary traffic from the very beginning by excluding inappropriate versions of Android.

I decided to run the offer with the CPM model with a $0.05 bid. This is a quite risky decision because we need to be aware that there is a lot of traffic in India, so we need to set a limit on the number of impressions that we get per day. This is important in order to quickly respond to changes in the amount of traffic and, if necessary, make changes in the campaign to increase its CR.

Let me remind you that India is a multilingual country, therefore you should set targets in order to affect the maximum number of users. (Different languages are spoken in India depending on the state. Not everyone understands English and Hindi)


In my last SB case study, I talked about the importance of choosing the right creatives. In this campaign, I decided to use misleading creatives, which, based on my test campaigns, performed very well.

First of all, it is worth saying that I wanted to hit all traffic at once, both mainstream and adult. I decided not to use adult creatives, this time I used photos of beautiful Indian girls and tempting headlines, saying that this app will help you find your love.

You can go further and make creatives with a random Indian phone number and a photo of a beauty, but cover the last few digits, so it would look like “download the app and see the full number.”

I’m telling you, it all works great, even considering that this is the simplest variation of the SB format. The coolest things start with managed campaigns.

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