32 Best Leadership Qualities – How To Be A Successful Leader In 2021

13 Different Leadership Styles

1. Affiliative: The affiliative leadership style is an approach where the leader gets up close and personal with everyone on their team addressing each persons emotional needs. ‘People come first’.

2. Autocratic: This leadership style is autocratic in nature with the leader believing (rightly or wrongly) that he or she is smarter than everyone else. ‘Do as I say’.

3. Authoritative: The authoritative leadership style is one where the leader takes charge but explains their reasoning for a course of action and looks to energize their followers. ‘Follow me’.

4. Bureaucratic: The bureaucratic way is by the book without a lot of grey area. Their is a clearly defined hierarchy involved with a specific set of rules ‘Do it by the book’.

5. Coaching: The coaching leadership style is all about the leader seeking to unlock the highest potential in each follower. It is a true team approach where everyone pulls together. ‘Consider this’.

6. Charismatic: These leaders possess an extraordinary level of charisma that makes their team want to follow them into battle. ‘Let’s rally the troops’.

7. Democratic: This trust-driven leadership style allows for employee or team input before the leader decides which course to take ‘What do you think?’.

8. Laissez-Faire: This approach is the exact opposite of the Autocratic leadership style listed above. It’s a risky style that can either produce highly motivated self-starters or end in chaos. ‘Hands off’.

9. Pacesetter: The pacesetting leadership style uses an aggressive results-driven agenda with the leader who leads from the front. ‘Do as I do’.

10. Servant: This leadership style prioritizes the needs of others over their own. This is a challenging approach that comes with both high risk and high reward. ‘Serve first, lead second’.

11. Transactional: This leadership style occurs when the leader lays out clear instructions to their team with both rewards and punishments for their performance. ‘I’ll give you this, if you do something for me in return’.

12. Transformational: The transformational approach seeks to get people to be creative, innovate and find new ways to accomplish the organization’s goals. ‘Think outside the box’.

13. Visionary: This leadership style is a two-pronged approach to gain the trust of both followers and the organization as a whole. ‘We’re in this together’.

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